The Art of Racing in the Rain

Have you ever subconsciously done something but only realized it well after the decision was made? Well I have and as I sit here on this wild snowy weekend it reminded me of a book I read when I first began my love of reading. What I didn’t realize at the time was how much of an impact this book would have on me years later and this entry will explain how my subconscious powered through.

The Art of Racing in the Rain was one of the very first books that I felt that touched me on a personal level. The story is simply about a dog named Enzo, however, Enzo is the narrator. Enzo is a dog frustrated that he cannot communicate with humans but is comforted by the fact that he believes when he dies he will be reincarnated as a human because he watches a lot of television. The story as written through the perspective of the dog is simple, heartwarming, but also, sad. It begins from the time that Enzo’s owner, Denny the racecar driver, specifically picks him out of all his brothers and sisters at the farm. It continues as Deny meets his soon to be wife, Zoe, where Enzo becomes very jealous, to the time Denny and Zoe have a child that Enzo is sworn to protect. It has every uplifting tale that can come from being a dog, however, being a dog has its downsides just as being human does as well. Enzo can smell and sense things that humans cannot. Since he cannot communicate by speaking he is there providing support as the family finds itself falling apart. The Art of Racing in the Rain has a very satisfying ending that will leave you full of emotions and you will never look at a canine the same way.

Now, you must be wondering about all that subconscious talk I discussed earlier. When I say that this book had an impact on my life I truly meant it did. It was the tipping point in what led me to getting my own puppy. I was already thinking about it for other reasons but this book solidified the decision. As I sit here today I truthfully am realizing how much more this book affected me but in a more subconscious way. When I went to go get my puppy I sat down in a room full of eight puppies all 6 weeks old and just waited for the first one to come to me just as in the book. Enzo is the dogs name in the book and he was given that name by Denny because of Denny’s favorite racecar driver Enzo Ferrari. I named my dog Nash who happens to be my favorite basketball player Steve Nash. Lastly, I just so happen to leave the television on for Nash when I am not home and am now fully convinced he too will believe he will be reincarnated as a human.

To conclude I strongly encourage reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, however, I am not responsible if you end up getting a new puppy after reading this. The book is receiving 9 out of 10 cups of coffee for being an outstanding read, as well as, being the tipping point to having my best bud Nash around.



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