The Foreigner

This weeks movie feature is The Foreigner.  As my first movie review I will try and explain how I arrived at going to a movie every week and why I love it.  I have always enjoyed movies but especially going to them.  I am an OG when it comes to movies.  I have my popcorn bucket and I always get a coke to drink which happens to be the only time I ever drink pop.  I started going to movies a lot in college and eventually came to the point in time where my friend Kyle and I were going every Tuesday because it was the cheap night.  We kept this up for years and believe me we seen some awesome movies and some very very shitty ones.  I still remember one of the worst movies we seen was Wrath of the Titans mainly because it was one of the fist films to just randomly switch to 3-D and it was awful!  One of the best we went to was still Inception because we went to it multiple times.  Since Kyle passed away I decided I still wanted to go every week which is a simple way to remember him.  Now onto my “review.”

I love watching trailers for movies.  They typically give you good insight into what a movie is like and always try to hook you into seeing the film.  When I seen the trailer for The Foreigner I thought to myself “oh good for Jackie Chan getting another role for himself.”  Wow was I wrong.  Or maybe a better way to describe it is that the trailer did a poor job of showing what the movie is about.  Even the subtitle of the poster is in a way misleading “Never push a good man too far.”  Based off of the trailer you would think you are going to be seeing a Jackie Chan fight em up revenge karate movie.  While there is some of that I feel the main story of the movie basically could have moved on without him.  Jackie Chan is basically a secondary character who is a part of this world the main story takes place but I honestly feel it is the best acting I have ever seen out of him.  The main story is about the IRA bombing places in London due to a poor economic climate in Northern Ireland.  Shocked!? I know I was too.  Pierce Brosnan, aka James Bond, plays the head of  a government branch as a former IRA member himself who has moved on from that life.  The movie had twists and turns and was nothing what I expected.  It also had some Game of Thrones characters and tons of Irish accents which I am a sucker for.  This all leads me wonder if I wished all movie trailers were misleading such as this one.  Anyways I give this movie 7 out of 10 buckets of popcorn.  Fantastic show.  Also check out the trailer and see if you catch my drift.


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