Why a blog and why me?

This is a question I am sure I will be asked and I have a couple of reasons to start with.  First, people would often bring up the idea of starting my own blog and I always thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea.  Second, I have always enjoyed writing but have found as I get older I have less of a reason to do so and this is a cool place to express myself.  Lastly, my grandpa just recently mentioned to me that I should start collecting my thoughts or practice writing because “if you can write you can do anything,” he said.  While this blog will neither be about me practicing my writing skills or just plainly typing my thoughts it is going to a blog about the books I read and the movies I see.  I am not a very good critic and I often miss hidden messages in both books and movies but I do love discussing them and who better to argue with than yourself or the friendly people of the internet.  So, how I plan on doing this is fairly simple.  I read a lot of books but not in any super fast way or anything so every couple of weeks I will do a book review.  I also go to the movies every week and see a new show so I will have a post about the weekly movie I see.  Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy!

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