Netflix Trifecta! “The Dirt,” “Triple Frontier,” “The Highwaymen.”

I recently read that Netflix was putting $8 Billion dollars into original content for their streaming service.  Reality is that you should have Netflix and its many options available to you going forward.  Lets start with their most recent movies they have made The Dirt, Triple Frontier, and The Highwaymen.  It amazes me that these … Continue reading Netflix Trifecta! “The Dirt,” “Triple Frontier,” “The Highwaymen.”


"I got 5 on it." Never has a song been both cooler to listen to while also providing such tension and creepiness.  Obviously this song has played throughout the trailer for Us but the way Jordan Peele used it along with other songs in the horror film really amplified what it means to pick the … Continue reading Us